Green STEAM Alliance

Collaborative Solutions for an Innovative Circular Economy! 


To discover, encourage and develop collaboration with like-minded individuals or groups who desire to use their talents and skills together to create a more sustainable and circular ♻️ world.

Combining forces locally and globally to include creatives, makers, students, STEAM communities, businesses, organizations, and government innovating together to design successful Zero Waste solutions for a myriad of projects.

A future dynamic facility filled with tools, technology, work, studio and storage space to fulfill the need for an empowering and supportive community resource. A welcoming environment where people of all skill levels can learn, prototype, create and/or incubate their projects.

We would achieve this through membership, partnerships, fundraising, monetary/ in-kind donations, volunteerism, internships, virtual, mobile or in-house events, and a diverse array of viable resources.

To develop a sustainably minded alliance which will provide lively support and creative teamwork, invigorating a healthy DIY world through empathy, ingenuity and community.