Circularity Challenge

GSA’s Zero Waste Marketplace (ZWMP) is committed to empowering individuals to be part of the solution to environmental challenges by offering Amazon products that promote the principles of a circular economy. Our carefully curated selection of Amazon goods emphasize reusability, repairability, and the closed-loop of resources. By choosing to purchase these items thru us, you are are not only reducing your own waste footprint but also supporting a larger movement towards a more sustainable future. By being part of the circular economy, we can create a world where resources are used, reused, and regenerated, minimizing waste and promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns. Join us on this journey to a more sustainable tomorrow, one MORE GREEN purchase at a time.

Go Circular: Look around at the items you use everyday. Do we offer a product in our Zero Waste Market Place that is similar but more sustainable? We invite you to replace it now.

TAKE the CHALLENGE: Feeling really committed to your own circularity? Take the Challenge; Replace one product every month with something more green, more circular.


We are committed to the CIRCULARITY, are you?

Tracy and Kristi


Associate / Affiliate

Green STEAM Alliance is an Amazon Affiliate; as such Green STEAM Alliance makes a small commission on qualifying purchases. Your product pricing stays the same but choosing to purchase items from our SHOP helps to sustain our business and mission. 

NOTE: The check out process will send you to Amazon to finish your purchase.

Thank you for being a part of the Circular solution.