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People, Products and Projects Go Circular – As part of our commitment to foster the Circular Economy, GSA’s  ZWWAG line of SWAG is a catalyst to revolutionize consumer consumption habits while enabling People, Products and Projects to effectively promote their brand. We aim to positively influence both corporate and consumer consumption patterns as they Go Circular too.

ZWWAG – Zero Waste We All Get

ZWWAG is our line of products (carefully currated ECO SWAG) that meets our ZERO Waste standards and can be used in your marketing campaigns. 

ZWWAG Bags  

Event Sponsorships are essential to making an event financially successful. But who wants to add more stuff (especially corp. SWAG stuff) into the world?  Thankfully, you don’t have to be part of the problem, you now have the ZWWAG BAG solution. Let us curate a ZWWAG bag to fit your event needs. 

Are you a SWAG designer or manufacture? We are looking for you as you Go Circlar too. 

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