Member Benefits

Green STEAM Alliance, a community of like-minded GREEN STEAM enthusiasts all committed to a looking for solutions in a Circular Economy. Every member, at every level signs our “Values & Commitment” statement so you can be sure to be among like minds.

Look at declaration and commitment to this movement as part of joining. Create banner to place on their stuff.

1. Network with like-minds.
    –  Members Only Facebook Group

    –  Members Only LinkedIN Group

2. Resource Map, access.
    This map adds critical resources, relevant to GREEN STEAM businesses.

3. Shop 0 Discounts – Our shop is full of ways to make our lives more 0. Baby steps. One change at a time.

4. Access to important circular issue white/green papers.

5. Newsletter and announcements.


THIS BLOCK OF TEXT WILL BE TURNED INTO A GRAPH OF BENEFITS. That way down the road people can see the differences between each level. I looked at our MAIN SHEET to see what to add here. Let me know what I missed or you want to add to that SHEET and this web page.